About Us


We effect powerful and positive transformation in individuals as well as teams, by making the workforce sharp edged to meet business and people challenges. Our bespoke L&D solutions are designed to address the specific needs of our clients, whether Corporates, SMEs, Start-ups or Individuals.
Based out of New Delhi, we work across diverse sectors pan-India, for capability building and people development at different stages in the organisation life-cycle – early, growth & mature.


    the client
  • Match dynamism
    with process
  • Stay Prudent,
    Stay in the field
  • Listen, Iterate
    and adapt
    to succeed
  • Get the
  • Cross
  • PRIVILEGE the client
    • Privilege the Client

      Clients excite us as much as our own ideas. They bring strong domain expertise and business lessons from their own entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial journeys. We learn continuously from them as we co-create and partner in their people development initiatives.

  • Match dynamism with process
    • Match Dynamism with Process

      We match the organisation's drive with processes, plans, passion and discipline for executing ideas. For us, execution, not ideas, is game changing.

  • Stay Prudent, Stay in the field
    • Stay Prudent, Stay in the Field

      We work with our clients in their fields. We immerse ourselves in their operating geographies for the people we shape. By being in the field, we get a 360 degree view of the eco-system and assessment of required competencies. This enables us to predict volatility to structure the interventions. We, therefore, offer expertise that serves the need of our partners for the markets & people they serve.

  • Listen, Iterate and adapt to succeed
    • Listen, Iterate and Adapt to Succeed

      We listen to customers, re-iterate assumptions and stay focused on matrices. We constantly adapt ourselves to business plans to keep them real and sharp. Our questioning of assumptions and reality checks at every turn minimizes trial and error. This ensures that interventions remain relevant with a higher degree of application success.

  • Get the chemistry right
    • Get the Chemistry Right

      We succeed more with entrepreneurs and organisations who are listeners, learners and collaborators. We work with set-ups where people share their inhibitions freely with us, actively seek feedback & are open to applying them in their operations. We share. We train. We learn.

  • Cross pollinate
    • Cross Pollinate

      We pollinate learning between early-stage set-ups, mid-stage enterprises & mature-stage organisations whose development we accelerate.This opens up newer windows to learn and apply pertinent best practices. Our clients and our experiences with them constantly feed new information and linkages into our own eco-system. This growing viral enables us to understand trends, know what works and become better connectors for business enterprises.


  • Launch L&D interventions in a way that they can scale up
  • Scale people development in a way that they generate impact
  • Seed learnings so that they can be applied at work and remain relevant with changing times
  • Catalyse the influence and resources of business and channels to foster a progressive learning culture